ninth and last month of pregnancy

You only have four weeks to get your baby born, you do not sleep well and you get tired much faster, in these weeks your baby’s kicks will also decrease a lot, because he does not have enough space to move around, he’ll be in a fetal position Which lasts from weeks to delivery.

Changes and symptoms in the pregnant woman

You will suffer from many leg cramps especially at night, eat a banana, potassium helps you to decrease them and stretch your legs before bed, this will help you feel a little better.

Another change you can experience in this nine month pregnancy is your belly button pops out, this has been stretching your belly. You will need more care and do not demand much physical level, there will be things you can no longer do, let them help you.

In this last month you may have some varicose veins in your legs, this due to weight gain, hemorrhoids, insomnia and stretch marks, since your skin has stretched a lot. Do not suffer because most discomfort will disappear when your baby is born. Although the varicose veins may not go away.


Changes in the baby

The lanugo that covered his skin has almost completely disappeared. The placenta has increased to 500 grams, as it is responsible for nourishing and oxygenate the baby. Almost all of its organs work perfectly.

Your body is taking shape and is getting beefy, also for the position, you will see pudgy, but will continue to grow these days in week 37 and be ready to leave, but it is best to wait until you meet the week 40.

His nails are long, he already has hair on his head and his skin is getting closer and his senses are fully developed. It can weigh up to three kilos and in length, it will reach 50 centimeters.

Be calm and patient, nothing is left. These days it is important that you prepare your suitcase for the hospital, remember to have diapers, baby clothes you’ll need for your baby.

When the time comes for delivery your placenta will detach from the uterus and the umbilical cord will no longer do its job and when your baby is born and breathed for the first time all its organs will begin to function and will be able to breathe air and not placenta as was accustomed.
Congratulations, you have your baby in your arms!